Travelling with a young child can be a daunting prospect, especially if it’s the first time you’ve planned to travel. Remembering to pack everything for a journey can be quite stressful and it’s difficult to ever feel totally prepared.

That’s why Daisy Baby are here to help, we’ve devised a list of essentials that will make your journey a whole lot easier and more comfortable for your child. Whether you’re travelling home for Christmas or going away in the new year our handy guide will help you to set your mind at ease.

Daisy Baby’s Car Travel Essentials:

  • Baby Changing - firstly you need to be prepared for any accidents, so nappies, nappy cream, disinfecting hand gel and wipes, plus somewhere to change baby are all essential.
  • Favourite Toys - it can be so comforting to a child to have a toy they love to occupy them on a long journey, to help them stay calm both for your and your child’s benefit. The Sleepytot Large Grey Bunny is soft and interactive for cuddles and play.
  • Snacks - both you and your baby will need snacks to keep going as well as bottles for water if dehydrated or for formula if this is your food of choice. The MAM Self Sterilising Bottle is great for sterilising water on the go.
  • Bib and Travel Cutlery - goes hand in hand with the above, bibs and cutlery are essential for an easy feeding time on the go. The B.Box Travel Bib and Spoon is specially designed for such occasions.
  • Breast Feeding Cover - The Clevamama 3in1 Travel Cover is a really handy accessory to have as it can also be used as a car seat cover, or a shopping trolley seat cover too!
  • Baby Sling for easy carrying - the Mei Tai sling is our most popular method of babywearing, as well as benefiting from having your baby close to you for development it also allows for easy maneuverability compared to the use of a pram.
  • Blankets - an essential for keeping your child warm wherever you go, a travel blanket is a must have.
  • Car Seat - finding the right car seat is really important when travelling, especially for long journeys, for our guide on finding the perfect car seat click here.
  • First Aid Kit - important for parents as well as babies, having all the essentials there will allow you to set your mind at ease.

We hope this list will help you wherever you're planning on going this Christmas, and we wish you a safe (and well prepared) journey!


Post By Laura Nugent