It’s officially Christmas: the days are shorter, the weather is chillier and the Christmas lights have been switched on.  If the thought of Christmas shopping fills you with dread, why not sit back and relax with a cup of tea and do your Christmas shopping online this year?  You don’t want to go out in that rain, that’s for sure!

We have got so many great gifts for mummies on our online store, and we have been raving about them all year, but I thought I’d share some of my favourite, reasonably priced, ideas with you today.

Mei Tai Hood with Pocket in Light Blue with White Spots
Mei Tai with Hood and Pocket in Light Blue with White Spots

Now, we have been shouting our love for our Mei Tai Slings from the rooftops for a while now, and with the colder (and wetter) weather creeping in on us we highly recommend our Mei Tai with Hood and Pocket.  These snuggly slings have all of the benefits of our original Mei Tai Slings, such as significantly lowering the risk of Flat Head Syndrome and supporting a healthy bond between baby and parent, but with the added benefit of a detachable hood.  These gorgeous baby slings are perfect for strapping on your little one so you can get all of your Christmas shopping and chores done easily in this wet and windy weather.

SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wrap - Jungle Green
SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wrap - Jungle Green.

We have got some adorable pieces within our Home Accessories range that make wonderful gifts.  A particular favourite of mine is the SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wrap, it’s just too cute!  These gorgeous wraps are available in a variety of colours and patterns including this 100% cotton, fun Jungle Design.  These are a fantastic present for any parent as the adjustable wings ensure that baby won’t grow out of this wrap any time soon.  Babies swaddled in the SwaddleMecan be safely secured in a car seat or swing harness whilst keeping baby feeling safe and snug.

Slumber Bear Plus - Pale Pink
Slumber Bear Plus - Pale Pink

My final favourite piece of the season has to be the Slumber Bear Plus, again available in a range of colours.  Slumber Bear is ultra-soft and includes a soothing sound box to help lull baby off to sleep.  These ingenious Slumber Bears have been a favourite amongst parents since 1978 and have proven extremely effective in helping babies drift off to sleep.  The sound box features a variety of relaxing audio tracks, such as waves, heartbeat, music and the brilliant option of creating your own recording – reading a bedtime story perhaps, or singing a lullaby.  With motion sensor technology, the Slumber Bear will automatically start playing again to soothe a restless baby.

I hope this post gives you some inspiration.  We've got so many more gorgeous products on our online store that would make really special gifts.

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