A widely discussed feeling that swept the nation in 2016, Hygge is still feeling that many wish to bring into their lives as we step into Autumn 2017.

A Danish word for a quality of feeling comfortable, cosy and contented, in a relaxing atmosphere, Hygge provides benefits to family life that you may have not realised. We set an example for our children, and how we are behaving and feeling emotionally can have a huge impact on their personalities and the general atmosphere of a household. Being stressed and running from place to place often is a modern life necessity, but without taking a moment to appreciate the small things, we are in danger of missing out on key aspects of our children’s lives that simply don’t come around again. So, how can modern day parents in the UK harness power from Hygge? Well it may all start with simply turning of distractions, and putting the kettle on.

Developing A Cosy Atmosphere.

Hygge is often talked about as we start to enter the colder months, as one of the key focuses here is to be comfortable and cosy. However this doesn’t mean going out and buying an array of different blankets and lighting lots of candles. You can create a cosy atmosphere, by making your house warm and putting on a family film or some calming music. To add to this cosy atmosphere, why not make some warm milk for your baby whilst you enjoy a cup of tea and spend some quality time together. To really embrace Hygge, on a weekend or a very rare day off, put on some comfortable pyjamas, and snuggle up together. This will give your baby a relaxing and calming feeling, and allow you both to bond without any distractions. An often rare treat that you will both enjoy.

Find Some Fun Activities

You don’t have to stay indoors all day to bring Hygge into your life, put on some warm clothes and venture outside for a walk around the park, go blackberry picking, or feed the ducks. If you plan on staying home, then why not dig out their favourite story or family film. To really engage with the changing seasons, you can create a sensory box full of Autumn surprises, or play a game.

Enjoy Some Tasty Food

Providing mood boosting powers, food is an essential part of Hygge. As you start to relax you will find that your senses will start to intensify, allowing you to enjoy all the wonderful produce that Autumn has to offer. If you have gone blackberry picking, whip up some Jam or make some cupcakes that you and your little one will enjoy. If you are a little more adventurous, why not try and make a new meal that you and your baby haven’t tried before.

Create The Perfect Cosy Nursery

To really harness the power of Hygge, make your baby’s nursery a relaxing oasis. Invest in a high quality night light and mobile that will help them drift off to sleep. A mixture of soft textures including teddy bears and comfy blankets will also add to this effect.

We hope you enjoy the power of Hygge in 2017, enjoying the little things with your family.

Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith