Babies can be so time-consuming, even when you don't have one of your own. By that we mean there's so many Mums out there sharing the stories, stress and overall silliness of raising a child, that you can spend literally hours watching their lives unfold via their channel on YouTube. But what are the best baby videos from all of these Mom Vlogs?

The whole 'top baby videos' has been done so often, and by now we've all seen Charlie bite his brother finger or an infant dance more times than we ever imagined. For this blog we wanted to list our personal top videos from our favourite Mom vloggers, who chronicle every waking moment (and indeed most moments are waking) with their child. No matter how new or viewed they are, these are the ones that always make us laugh, cry or go "aww" for minutes on end:

ItsJudysLife - Delivering Identical Twins!We've been following Judy and her husband Benji for some time now, from their engagement up to the birth of their daughter Juliana. We were pleased as could be when they announced twins were on the way, and it's culminated with this lengthy chronicle of their two new daughter's arrival. If you're used to One Born Every Minute, you know what to expect, though we were quite impressed at how calm and routine Judy and her husband were with such a demanding delivery. It takes us all the way to their little girl meeting her sisters, and we can think of no introductory video to this wonderful couple.

LoraAndLayton - Home Water Birth Video & PhotosAnother birthing video; though this one is a completely different kettle of fish (sorry for the pun...wait, is that a pun?). This time Lora and her husband Layton take us through the home water birth of their third child - this being the PG version if it's a bit early in your day for all the messy bits. For those who've considered this as an option for delivery, there's plenty here to convince you: the peaceful environment, the immediacy of introducing it to siblings and family, and of course zero time before the little one can come home. If that doesn't sway you, the wealth of emotions from Lora when she first sees the baby or the collection of the photos at the end may do the trick!

SacconeJolys - Hotel Bath Party!
An Irish family that bring daily laughs to a global audience, Jonathan, Anna and their child Amelia make up SacconeJolys, one of the most successful and fun to watch family channels on YouTube. Jonathan is permanently hilarious; always full of energy and making you feel welcome as you watch. It was hard to pick a particular moment in their life to share, but this is one that will definitely brighten up your day. After a cute shot of their 'aww'-inducing doggies, the family head up to a hotel where all sorts of hilarity ensues. Watching Amelia get lost in a blanket, wander around the hotel and have fun in the tub with her Dad are just a drop in a bucket filled with touching and funny moments to be found on their wealth of videos.

plus1please - Breastfeeding Friendly Clothing
Mom vlogs have been highly helpful to babyware sellers, giving a great chance to show hands on experience with a product that feels genuine and honest. YouTube has become the perfect place to also get some recommendations, and with us being huge on our breastfeeding this is one of our faves. In this video she shows us the best clothes for breastfeeding, both for the sake of convenience and privacy. She lists popular and easy to nurse-in styles of shirts for whether you're likely to find yourself in the need to feed quickly, but would like to retain some modesty. There's some great recommendations, and all explained clearly and in detail.

2011teenagemom - Draw My Life
Most of the videos in this list are the everyday adventures of normal parents, or they show that most special day in a mother's life where her baby is born. This video is something a little different, but with an equally rich soul to it. In this 'Draw My Life' videe-  where one doodles their life story with commentary on top - we hear this young Mum's long journey to meeting her darling child. From a difficult childhood involving parent troubles, bullying and a lot of ups and down in her school life, Vanessa's goes from a happy graduation to startling news of her pregnancy. When she learns her little girl has Turner Syndrome and has a low chance of survival, she stays strong, and we're glad that this story has a happy ending that's still ongoing strong.

Kandeeland - I'm having a baby: is it a boy or girl?!?Quick mysteries always make the best baby videos to watch, and a mother discovering her little one's gender is always guaranteed to hit big and be one wonderful reveal. In this video we see mother-to-be Kandee Johnson very excitedly drive to get her ultrasound and, more importantly find out if her little cupcake is a boy or girl. The best part is seeing that she's already got a wardrobe and motif set out for whichever outcome, and the abundant joy such news can bring a parent.

GabeandJess - A Day in the Life of a Young Mom in College!
Juggling one's education with raising one or more kids is a tall order, but this is how to do it right. The star of this video is Jessica, mother of a lovely young girl and twin boys (with a fourth on the way) who started her channel as a way to pass the time whilst pregnant, but now has a subscriber base of over 150,000! This video shows us an average day in her life as a student mother. From morning to bedtime, Barney The Dinosaur is on in the house, and after an early start she turns her house into a daycare, hurriedly drives to college for a cancelled class, does a time-lapse of braiding her girl's hair and finally plans strategy on how to bed the twins in quick succession. It's a nice little snippet in what must be one of the most hectic mothering lives imaginable.

Missy Lanning - Portrait of a Mother - Bumps Along The Way
A wonderful piece of motherly film-making that, though not a vlog in the tradition sense, can leave you feeling moved and empowered every time you watch it. Missy Lanning endured both a miscarriage and a stillbirth on the way to delivering her child, but prior to the successful delivery of her darling little man Oliver, she made this video to give strength to all the mothers who've gone through what she has. Lovingly filmed, it shows her whilst pregnant wandering through a series of tethered lines, with photographs of mothers and their babies tied on with pegs. All these portraits were submitted to Missy for the video, giving her the strength to confess her thoughts in such bold and beautiful fashion.

Do you regularly watch any Mom vlogs? If so we'd love for you to share their channels and of course what you feel are the best baby videos from them, either in the comments below or on our Facebook page, Twitter or/and Google+. If you yourself make and share videos of you and your little one, then please do send some of it our way, and we'd be happy to feature it here.

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