The nights are pulling in, and the weather has started to get colder. But even though we are saying a final farewell to summer time, it’s time to start looking forward to all of the joy that autumn and winter can bring.

Just because it is a little colder and wet than it usually is, doesn’t mean that you and your little one can’t enjoy themselves during the gloomier months. In fact, getting some fresh air each day can give your child a whole range of health benefits, and allow you both to bond as you explore the big wide world. However, venturing outside with your little one unprepared can cause for disaster, due to the elements. Luckily here at Daisy Baby, we have put together 5 of our baby winter essentials, so you can both keep having fun no matter what the weather.

Pushchair Rain Covers


With the autumn and winter months being renowned for their unpredictable spells, being prepared with a rain cover is a must have. Easy to fold up when it is dry, our range of rain covers mean your little one can stay dry as you travel.


Nothing is worse than cold little legs and toes. Our range of foot muffs are available in a range of different designs so you can fit them to your pushchair and off you go. Including fluffy interiors and durable fabric, your little one can ride in their pushchair in the ultimate comfort.

Car Sunshades

Some crisp autumn days can mean that the sun can become lower in the sky and too bright for your little one’s eyes. Be prepared with a sunshade that fits to your car window easily and make car naps much more comfortable.

Winter Pushchair Shade

Protect your little one from weather, noise and outdoor stimulation with this Winter Pushchair Shade. Easy to clean, the shade fits in seconds and keeps your baby warm. You can also roll the blind up and down to help block any unwanted bright light.

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Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith