A year ago today, at 4:24pm to be precise, the world put on their widest eyes and biggest smiles for the birth of the future king of England: George Alexander Louis. As you may have ascertained, he's still very much a baby at this point, but the little prince has nevertheless managed to leave people speechless all over the world, even though he's yet to say his first words. Despite being one of the world's most well travelled and "eligible infants" - as crowned by Vanity Fair - little George will be spending today on home soil at a low-key party at the family home at Kensington Palace.

Thankfully, his parent's William and Kate have decided to keep the occasion about him and not the media, simply releasing the photo above back at the beginning of July. It was taking during his visit to the Sensational Butterflies exhibition at The Natural History Museum in London, and quite effortlessly sums up the inadvertent trend setter the young future-monarch has become.

Indeed, as My1stYears founder Daniel Price and editor-in-chief of Mother & Baby magazine Claire Irvin noted, he's one of the most profound blessings to happen upon the baby fashion and clothes industry in quite some time. During the recent royal tour, whenever he was spotted in a new outfit or wearing something individual, it sold out within seconds on many major baby-clothing sites; a power many major celebrities wish they could possess.

It is fair to say that every aspect of the famous little prince's life that can be talked about has been. Quite humorously, My1stYear's put together their own little calculation regarding the boy who's third in line for the throne. According to their expert estimations, George Louis has drunk 2,901 litres of milk, been burped 4,092 times and worked his way through 2,735 nappies. George will also have managed to shuffle, crawl and walk more than 30 miles and spent a total of 232.2 of his 365 days, two thirds of his life so far, sleeping.

Not an entirely surprising set of statistics to be sure, but an interesting reminder that despite all the attention, luxury and lavishness that we'd expect the son of royalty to have, he's still like any other child born to a loving and happy home. Every time we've seen the infant prince in his mother's arms, its a sight that looks as natural as can be, and indeed if it were possible to detach the knowledge that it's the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge he's pictured with, you'd think it were any other family.

Now that we're more than halfway through the 1st birthday of our baby prince, what are some of the milestones that you think will most end up capturing the nation? Will it be his first words, or something more extroadinary? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or you can share them with us on our Facebook page, through Twitter or via Google+.


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