We can say with some confidence that It's near impossible to pass over a funny baby video when its shared on your social media feed. We're not even sure if we can pinpoint why they're so irresistible; is it the way these little people act so grown up? Is it the lightning-in-a-jar feeling of seeing something so extraordinary captured on the fly on film? A combination of both? The same can certainly be said of videos showing animals at their most manic, but when you combine the two, prepare your sides for a severe laugh-induced split. Below, we've listed 7 videos of children & animals that will definitely make your day, now and in the future!


If there's one major divide between infants and pets, it's that the former traditionally loves their baths, whilst the latter will do anything to avoid one. This leads to one joyous paradox when dogs - who absolutely adore their less furry brothers and sisters - have to bypass a wall of very shallow water to play with them in the tub, as seen in the video above. The funniest aspect is how the baby beckons the dachshund with a toy, and how he totally goes for it until they realize wetness is involved.


Babies + Doggies + Bubbles = unparalleled laughter! As is the case for many of the videos, the poor canine is on the receiving end of the joke, but at least in this footage they seem to be having a lot of fun, just like the howling baby next to them. That laugh is as classic as you can get in an easily amused infant, and you can bet that after many hours of bubble chasing it'll still be just as loud and happy!


Do you remember the last time you laughed as hard as the baby in this video? That's the kind of laughter that's so strong and uncontrollable that you're worried you'll go insane if it doesn't stop...and that's pretty much the reaction we had to watching this. As we said before, we have no idea why it's so funny to us, or even why the little one finds a doggy snatching popcorn so enthralling. But it is, and that's enough.


We move on now to the more cleanly variety of housepet. If you felt the dog got the short end of the stick in most of these videos, prepare your sympathies for this poor kitty. His rather tubby size sure doesn't make life easy for him when the baby is rolling around his furry body, tumbling over, and even grabbing him back when he tries to make a getaway. At one point it looks like the girl is playing doctor with the kitty, but other than that it's a rough yet hilariously adorable play session for this furry fella.


What's the saying? "If at first you don't succeed, try and try again"? We take that to mean after the second try you can call it quits, but that's clearly not a mantra this dog applies himself to. Wanting to join the little baby on the bed, he leaps and leaps again and again and, despite really getting nowhere, leaps some more. The best point is where there's no break between his attempts; all you see is this fluffly little face jump in and out of the shot non-stop...and spoilers, he still doesn't make it on the bed in the end!


What arguably makes the best videos of children & animals is when a little one copies the behaviour of the family pet, and visa versa. This is evidently a good recipe for hilarity in this video, where two Siberian huskies (are they actually huskies though?) catch up to their miniature owner using his same style of crawling. They're pretty swift learners as it turns out, as even with a head start they easily over take the poor baby in this race.


We close out this list of house pet and heavenly angels with a humour of a different kind. Instead of a video where the louder a baby gets the more we laugh, we find ourselves in awe and hysterics watching this sleepless babe instantly soothed by a cat with the magic paw. Literally, as soon as that head is touched it's lights out, and best of all is that look from the cat near the end that almost seems to say "See? That's how it's done..."

In an online world as vast and strange as ours, there's no shortage of videoed joy to share around, so make sure you send us a couple of your classics. Even better, if you have some comical candid footage of your children & animals, share them with all the Mums on our Facebook page, through Twitter or on Google+.

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Graham Ashton