When you are a parent it can seem like any occasion is an excuse to throw a kids party. From Halloween to Christmas and even family gatherings, just planing the event can be difficult enough without finding those little touches that make it memorable for children. Here at Daisy Baby we have found 6 amazing kids party ideas that will make your party stand out from the rest and that all children will enjoy. Prepare for some serious giggles and lots of creative madness.

Funny Food

The main attraction of any party is the food, and what better way to get children involved than by creating food based around a theme. Create pizza fingers and spider cupcakes for Halloween or cake pops that look like their favourite Disney character. For dessert, bake a batch of plain cookies in different shapes and get children to decorate their own. You could even throw a competition to see whose design is the best. The possibilities are endless, so throw away the shop bought sausage rolls and get creative.


Instead of the typical banners and streamers try and create decorations that will lend themselves to your theme. Get your children involved in the preparations and ask them what they would like to make. A great idea is making faces out of balloons or decorating a table cloth in new interesting colours.

Dress Up

If you are throwing quite a large kids party then split the children up into teams and get them to dress up and create their own super hero group. This is a great way to break the ice as new children try and make friends and communicate with each other. Take a poll at the end and award the winners.

Good Old Fashioned Race

Whether it is a simple race to the end of the garden or the fastest to answer a question in a quiz, children love a challenge. Find something that fits in with the children's ages and see who is the fastest.

Messy Crafts

A party is an excuse for children to do something out of the norm so create a messy game that they will love. If you are throwing a garden party, then put out sand and water trays or hang paper on the washing line and throw paint at them. If you aren't a fan of the mess or if your party is indoors then why not try face painting so kids can be whatever character that they like.

New Party Bags

At the end of the party instead of giving out party bags filled with cake that will often be thrown away give out toys that they can cherish forever. This is a great way to teach children about responsibility and something that will make them remember their amazing time at the party.

Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith