The endless enthusiasm that children have for any occasion is delightfully infectious, so this Mother's Day, what better way is there to celebrate your achievements as an amazing Mum than by planning a special day that you and your little ones will love.

From a simple day at the park, to a day out at one of the UK's top attractions, this Mother's Day is all about spending time with your family and enjoying the endless smiles and giggles that make being a Mum that extra special. So take a look at our great Mother's Day ideas and enjoy making some fond memories.

1). Have A Picnic

We all know that where food is involved, there is bound to be fun no matter where you are. With the weather hopefully brighting up as we move towards spring, this Mothering Sunday pack a picnic and go on an adventure. Whether this is just a trip to the park, a grand estate or even in your own back garden, you and your children will love the sense of freedom that only a picnic can offer. Take a look at some of our perfect picnic items here.

2). Create A Signature Bake

Have you always wanted to spend the day baking but simply can't find the time? This great Mother's Day idea allows you to spend the whole day creating inventive recipes that you can then enjoy again and again. This not only helps your children learn about new textures and combinations, but will hopefully leave you with a recipe that you can make together time and time again. Maybe leave the washing up to Dad.

3). Go For A Long Walk

Get out and about with your child and take a long walk together. Take a new walking route and see what you can discover. Spending time to visit places and find new things together helps you to bond even more. A brilliant and simple Mother's Day idea that can be continued throughout the year.

4). Get Crafty

If baking isn't really your thing, this Mother's Day find a craft that you both love. This can be as simple as cutting and sticking or creating some fun sock puppets and putting on a show. This is so much fun and also means that you don't have to depend on the weather.

5). Have A Film Day

There is no denying that many of us enjoy some of the new children's animated films more than our little ones and tehre's so much more choice. So why not enjoy one as a family? A brilliant activity that everyone is bound to love, snuggle up and enjoy some cinema type snacks. The perfect way end to any Mother's Day.

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Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith