This week, 4-10th of November, marks National Adoption week. This is a great opportunity for the British Adoption & Fostering Association to raise awareness of the 4000 children in the UK looking to find an adoptive family, and we'd like to help draw attention to this time with a light hearted article on the many strange, and yet somehow typical things that we often end up calling our 'babies' after spending just a little too much time caring for them...

#5 Books

For some, having a personal library would be a supreme dream come true. For most book lovers though, the few hundred or so books they currently have room for are no less than part of the family. Worse, if any novel should carry some kind of monetary or sentimental value, then asking to borrow it will be received with daggered eyes, and any attempt to touch or read may put the hand at serious risk. This also extends to comics, cookery books, gardening guides and indeed anything binded for one's eyes only.

#4 Personal Projects

Whenever someone refers to something they've meticulously worked on to perfection, whether it be a car, filing system or a website as their 'Baby', our opinions on that person alter just ever so slightly. Sure, we all love that sense of personal pride after really putting effort into something, but it's that point where regular care and maintenance stop becoming a necessity, and instead time spent in the garden, embroidering or levelling up your World of Warcraft character dwarfs several other needs such as eating, sleeping or regular social contact. At that point, we wish a real child was there to absorb so much attention...

...or maybe not.

#3 Hand-made Goods

A slight schism from the previous number, but slightly higher due to the fact that, just like a real baby, you are the creator of the new bane of your existence. Whether it's a guitar you made out of discarded wood, a dress made with nothing found less than a mile away, or a house built up from the ground, no one can fault you for putting every waking moment into bringing your vision to life, but that's because there's no one to do so, probably because you scared them off after they dared to touch it...

#2 Dolls/Teddy Bears

Similar to #4, but far more intense. We're all familiar with the realms of collectibles, and if  you've ever flicked through a Guinness World Records book you've probably glanced at a few, but nowhere is the mother-like intensity higher than when a doll or teddy bear collection is involved. Meticulously sought after and requiring nothing short of intensive care at all times, you may well know someone with their own family of porcelain people or a flat next to a Build-A-Bear factory, but we'd gather you've never really met them.

#1 Cats

For some it's a grim fear of old age, others find themselves at risk whenever they put out a fresh bowl of cat food. None of us are truly safe from the 'Furbaby' syndrome, where our love for pets, notably cats, grows to scary heights where clothes, cradles and even prams start to get involved. The internet and its bottomless pit of kitty videos put us all at risk, and if ever you notice a friend's house slowly becoming filled with more hair, scratch posts and baskets, it may be time for a talk (or to join them!).

Of course, whatever your hobby or prized possession, it's yours to appreciate and take pride in as much as you want. In many cases, it's a devoted love we simply inherited from our still loving and attentive parents, and one we will likely try to pass down to our children someday.

What are some things you think people develop a mother-like attachment to? Let us know in the comments, or you can tell us over at Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Enjoy your week - we hope you take part of it to learn a little about how adoption has enriched and improved the lives of millions worldwide.

Post By Graham

Graham Ashton