As parents we have all heard of the terrors that many face when having to travel on a plane with a baby. The fed up looks, pure exhaustion and your babies cries are enough to put anyone off the whole experience, but is there a way to make flying with your infant a breeze, even if they are a particularly fussy traveller. With the summer holidays approaching, here at Daisy Baby we have created a list of brilliant tips that will help make flying less stressful for you and your baby and your family holiday one full of fantastic memories.


1. Preparation Is The Key

As any parent will tell you, the key to achieving any task is preparation, but when it comes to taking toddlers and babies on a plane even the thought of compiling a strategy on top of simply getting through the door can seem impossible. But trust us even taking a little time to focus and plan everything that you need will go a long way. Check where you are sitting on the plane, if you can book an aisle seat with a young baby, this is often more useful as it saves you having to squeeze past other passengers. If you are taking a toddler on a flight with you, you may wish to pay extra for them to have their own seat next to you. This is often advised as it allows more room for the both of you.

2.Take Care When Packing Hand Luggage


A hungry, bored or tired baby is an unhappy one, so ensure that you have everything they need in your hand luggage. Many airlines don't supply baby essentials so it is always best to pack your own. Make sure you check your baggage allowance for travelling with an infant before you leave and also their liquid restrictions. Most restrictions don't apply to your baby's food or milk. Below is a check-list of the essentials that you should take with you on any flight;

  • Wet wipes, nappies and other changing essentials
  • Change of baby clothes
  • Toys and activities
  • Baby comforter
  • Bibs and Muslins
  • Enough food or milk for the journey (always take a little extra for delays too)

3. Keep Calm During The Flight To Help Soothe Your Baby


It is usually recommended to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby during take off as the sucking will help reduce the uncomfortable ear popping sensation. Some may even drift off to the gentle hum of the engine as well but others may find the sensation of flying a little unnerving. If they don't fall asleep take this time for lots of cuddles and calm play such as reading or colouring if your baby is old enough. If they won't settle take a walk up and down the plane to help soothe them, if you are calm then usually your baby will stay calm. If you are using a bassinet, invest in a shade to help reduce the distraction of the cabin lights.

4. Wear Your Baby

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During long flights, using a baby sling can make the whole experience so much easier and allows you to remain hands-free. Your smell and the feeling of closeness will also help to calm your baby and make journey's to and from the plane less chaotic allowing you to get settled in your seat with ease.

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Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith