Baby swaddling has been the subject of much discussion for some time now, with some people heralding the benefits of the swaddling technique and others alarmed by potential cons.  As with all forms of baby wearing and soothing techniques, there are a number of pros and cons.  Many of the concerns that have been raised with baby swaddling can be completely eradicated given the correct method and guidance.

Here at Daisy Baby we wouldn't actively advise for or against any particular parenting techniques, but provide information that allows you as the parents to make an informed decision about what is best for you and your baby.

Originally, swaddling merely referred to wrapping a baby tightly in a large blanket, however recognising the potential risk for wrapping the baby too tightly and creating a risk for hip dysplasia, many companies have now developed specially designed swaddle wraps with the baby’s health and comfort at the forefront of their mind.

Ease of movement and flexibility is a key factor when considering a swaddle wrap, particular the hips and knees.  The most natural position for a baby's legs is known as the frog position, whereby their legs are able to bend at the hips and knees to allow the hip sockets to form properly. Summer Infant has developed a unique range of swaddle wraps for each stage of a baby’s development.


Swaddle Pros
  • Swaddling can prevent your baby from rolling on to his or her front
  • Swaddling can prevent loose cot blankets from covering your baby’s face
  • Swaddling can help alleviate a baby’s startle reflex
  • The secure wrap of a swaddle imitates the feeling of being held and the comfort of the mother’s womb
  • Baby’s won’t be able to accidentally scratch their faces


Swaddle Don'ts

  • Don’t wrap your baby’s hips and legs too tightly. Make sure there is enough room to wriggle and move hips and knees
  • Never cover your baby’s face with a swaddle
  • To avoid overheating, avoid using extra blankets and don’t swaddle with heavy materials
  • Never lay your baby on their front whilst in a swaddle – swaddles have the benefit of preventing your baby from rolling onto his or her front

 baby swaddling

Whether you choose to swaddle you baby or use another form of comfort, make sure you always read any instructions or guidelines provided and trust your own instincts – they’re usually always right!

Post By Simon