Toilet training is a key part of your child's development. Not only does it show that they have reached the critical stage when they wish to be dry and clean, but it allows you to help encourage their independence. But with many children becoming reliably dry quite early in their development, some parents worry that their child may be falling behind or that toilet training is becoming more of a battle of wills rather than a natural compulsion to learn. Here at Daisy Baby we have created a list of 5 brilliant tips, that will help make the whole toilet training experience stress-free and more successful.



1 - Make Sure Your Child Is Ready

The key thing to remember when toilet training your child is that you can't force your child to use the potty. In time they will want to use the potty as they recognise that being uncomfortable is simply unpleasant. All you can do is notice the signs that they are aware when they need changing and go from there. Most parents decide to toilet train their child between 18-24 months.

2 - Start When Your Schedule Won't Be Affected

Children don't respond to mixed messages, so ensure your general routine isn't disturbed when you decide to start toilet training. Being in a situation where you can use a potty is also a must during the early stages so you can quickly sit your child down when they decide they need to go (as there is often only a few seconds warning before they do). It is ideal to start in the summer when washable nappies (if you are using them) can be dried easily and bedding can be changed.

3 - Place The Potty In Plain Sight

Make sure your child knows where the potty is and that it is in clear sight when they first start to use it. As we said before often children give very little warning in the early stages. Explain to them what they need to do and ask them if they need to go during times that they often have bowel movements, this will trigger their memory.

4 - Praise Them, Don't Scold

Your child will undoubtedly have an accident at one point or another during the training process, make sure you don't make a fuss. Instead praise them when they use the potty successfully. They will feel proud of their achievement and want to carry on rather than give up.

5 - Persevere

Not all children develop at exactly the same stage. No child is instantly dry day and night. Persevere and enjoy making this moment in their development stress-free.

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Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith