We're currently winding down into the final few days of World Breastfeeding Week; 168 hours in which the global encouragement and promotion of this vital maternal activity is brought to an annual high with events and activities from every corner. With this year's slogan marking the week as 'A Winning Goal for Life', we wanted to talk about the week as a whole, the organisations involved and the great work they've done and continued to do.

For as long as we've been selling slings, wraps and more to Mums, we've heavily supported their right to breastfeed comfortably. On the blog, we've written about the health and societal benefits of increasing and sustaining the support of breastfeeding, tackled the odd heavy issue and most recently discussed the legality and history of public breastfeeding in Britain. Yet this easily pales in comparison to the programs and initiatives housed under WBW.

For this 22nd year of World Breastfeeding Weeks, working with UNICEF, the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) have developed a brochure, working with Nutrition and Maternal, Newborn and Child Health professionals on the crucial link between breastfeeding and newborn survival and health. In over 175 countries are involved in the WABA and fellow advocates 'Millunium Development Goals', which aim to bring about more early, exclusive and continued breastfeeding. These goals can be read below:

Across the seven days, a number of journalists, bloggers and other writers have contributed stories and opinions on the subject of breastfeeding laws, public perception and benefits from each of their small pockets of the world. These have come mainly in the form of reports and photos from the world-wide 'Latch On' event that took place August 1st and 2nd, with images arriving from various places as familiar as Michigan, US to as far afield as Andhara Pradesh in India; all helping to showcase the continuing change in public perception of breastfeeding, and the result of the wonderful work done by the WABA and its partners.

You can see each and everyone of these endeavours shared in all their glory over at the official World Breastfeeding Week 2014 Facebook page. There's still time for you to play a part in all this by sending your breastfeeding stories and photos from a 'Latch On' event you may have attended. You can post these either in the comments below, or you can link us to them through our Facebook page, on Twitter or via Google+.



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