A recent study by the University of Oxford has shown that premature babies benefit from being given milk feeds earlier. Usually, as premature babies are at risk of severe bowel conditions, milk feeds are delayed in favour of using an IV drip.

The results of the study showed that there was no difference in the number of babies that developed bowel problems, and in fact, babies who were fed milk earlier spent less time in high-dependency cots as well as becoming fully milk fed much earlier.

This is fantastic news, as it means that babies can be discharged from special care wards sooner. As well as freeing up space in crowded hospitals, this will be a massive relief to any parents who find themselves in that situation.

While more work is needed, I thought that this was a fascinating article. It really shows that milk is the best choice for your baby, especially your own breast milk. Babywearing has already been shown to help premature babies, so the two combined should really be promoted heavily to help premature babies.

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