Catching up on the news this morning, I came across this fantastic article which I just had to share with you all!

A café in Bristol was taken over by over 200 mums in protest over how one of them was treated when she tried to breastfeed her baby there. Kelly Schaecher, 28, was enjoying a quiet, lunchtime meal when she started to breastfeed. She was then told by a waitress that if she wanted to feed her baby, she would have to do it in the corner.

As you can expect, Kelly left, but as she did, she told another two customers of the café’s breastfeeding policy. They then decided to leave, too. A few minutes later, as Kelly was walking down the road, the waitress from the café drove past and shouted “Don’t you ever come back to my cafe with your t*** out again!”.

Shaken by the whole ordeal, Kelly actually decided not to pursue any action against the café. However, as things usually do in this day and age, word quickly spread. A Facebook page was set up to call upon like-minded mothers and “lactivists” to protest by gathering to breastfeed in the café.

You see, women are free to breastfeed in public places and are actually protected by law to be able to do so under the Sexual Discrimination Act. This means that women are able to breastfeed a child of any age and that they cannot be discriminated against in places such as cafes, restaurants, libraries, surgeries and others.

Back to the protest, I’m glad to report that it was a success! As mentioned, 200 mothers decended on the café, escorted by six policewomen on horseback to make sure that no one drifted into the road. The café’s owner, Davide Pontini, was incredibly apologetic and offered all the mums free tea and cake, and has now put up a sign saying that breastfeeding is welcome there.

I think that the whole protest is a fantastic step forward for the cause of making breastfeeding more accepted in public places. It goes to show that discrimination against the practice is not acceptable. Also it’s genuinely heartwarming to see the support and closeness within the breastfeeding community.

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“'Lactivist' flashmob take over café” – Daily Mail

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