Breastfeeding is one of the most natural processes that any new Mum can go through. Helping you to bond with your baby and supplying a range of key nutrients, breastfeeding is a topic that many have no problems singing praises about. But what about all of those facts about breastfeeding that nobody ever tells you about? Well here at Daisy Baby we have complied a list of 7 amazing facts that only breastfeeding mums will be aware of, to ensure that you stay positive and prepared for the brilliant process that is breastfeeding.


1) It's Not As Easy As It Looks

We have all seen breastfeeding Mothers everywhere, and by the looks of it it seems like a calm and easy process that often doesn't really require all of your attention. But one of the key facts about breastfeeding it that it isn't as easy as it looks. Many first time Mothers experience issues with latching meaning that the breasts can become sore and can make breastfeeding uncomfortable for your baby. It is usually shown after you give birth how to ensure that you get a good latch and often takes a lot of practice until you can master the perfect position.

2) You May Have Spontaneous Leakages

Unfortunately, leakages are just what happens to all breastfeeding Mothers but this can happen in the most inconvenient of times. Anything from having a bath, to the sound of your baby crying can cause your breasts to leak. To help with these little accidents make sure you carry a change of breast pads and a nursing bra to keep everything dry.

3) The Possibility Of Thrush

Whilst you are breastfeeding you nipples can become pink and sore, and in some cases this is the result of thrush. A yeast infection that can start in your baby's mouth, thrush can be a common problem and both mother and baby will need to be treated for this with anti-fungal medication to stop passing it backwards and forwards between you.

4) The Importance of Watching What You Eat

After you give birth you now have the freedom to eat and drink whatever you want, yes? In fact it is key that you maintain a healthy diet, just as you did during your pregnancy as what ever you eat or drink is passed through your milk to your baby. Eating starchy foods, fruit and vegetables and protein are all key in keeping you and baby healthy. Things to avoid during pregnancy are mainly large quantities of caffeine and alcohol.

5) It Helps Shrink Your Uterus

It has been claimed by many women, that they experience uterine cramps whilst they are breastfeeding. This is completely normal as it is helping your uterus to shrink back to its normal size. Once more this action can help you to get back to your before pregnancy figure, so even though they may seem uncomfortable, these cramps are benefiting your body immensely.

6) You May Experience An Unexpected Tingling Sensation

Another fact about breastfeeding is that when some women's milk lets down they can experience a strange tingling sensation. This is completely normal and often only occurs for the first moments you are expelling milk.

7) Your Baby's Position Is Key

It may seem simple enough when you start to learn how to achieve a good latch that your baby is happy enough, but the wrong positioning can cause numerous issues in the future. If your baby is feeding at an angle or can't quite latch onto the entire areola, then you can experience blocked milk ducts and sore tender nipples. To help prevent this, make sure you change your baby's position in order to drain each breast completely. This will help you and your baby feel more comfortable.

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Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith