Today marks the last of our guides to wearing baby slings. To finish up, we’re looking at two alternative ways to tie your ring sling; the kangaroo carry and the back carry. Our last two blogs, where we introduced the ring sling and then looked at another three carries, are still available for you to catch up on.

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Kangaroo Carry

With this carry, your baby is positioned on your front but facing forwards and away from you. While this is fantastic for letting your baby see and interact with the world while still keeping that closeness between you. Just be careful to keep an eye on what your little one is doing with their hands. This carry is also only recommended for when your baby has good head support.

  • Once you have a pouch created in your sing sling, hold your baby in your arms, facing away from you but with their legs crossed.
  • Lower your baby into the pouch of the ring sling, making sure that there is fabric between you and baby.
  • While still holding your baby, adjust the ring sling until you are both comfortable. You may find that your baby prefers their legs closer to their bottom or to their face. Experiment and see what works best for you both.
Back Carry

The back carry is ideal for older babies or toddlers but as above, you will need to be a little more aware of what your baby is doing with their hands. Also, a ring sling will be fine for the back carry position from time to time, but if you are planning on using this carry often it is recommended that you use a Mei Tai sling instead.

  • To put your child in the back carry position, simply put them into the hip carry but with the rings of your sling as close to the top of your shoulder as you can.
  • Then, before tightening the sling, move the sling and your baby round onto your back and adjust it as needed.

Ring slings are brilliantly versatile and are suitable for a really wide range of situations. As mentioned in one of our previous blogs, ring slings are perfect for finding out the type of carries that you and your baby are happy with and are very suitable for breastfeeding in.

If you’re a ring sling enthusiast or perhaps you’re looking for some more information, be sure to let us know! You can leave us a comment below or chat to us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

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