As promised in our last blog post, today I’ll be taking you through a more advanced method of tying your Mei Tai sling in the back carry position. Again, both of our previous blogs are still available if you’ve happened to miss them (Part 1 – front carry. Part 2 – Beginner’s back carry).

It really does help to be 100% confident with tying your sling using the other two methods before moving on to this one. That said, it is still recommended to have someone help you out or use your trusty soft toy when you try this way for the first time. Remember that your baby’s safety is paramount.

  • Tie the waist straps of your Mei Tai sling around your waist, with the rest of the sling behind you. The colour you want facing outwards (Black or patterned) should be resting against the back of your legs.
  • Pick up your baby and rest her on your hip. Then, lean forward and as you do so, slide your baby onto your back. You should keep her supported with your arm and your back, but this is probably the stage where you will need the most help from someone else.
  • Keep leaning forward until you are at a 90° angle, bent at the waist. Your baby should be laying on your back now with her legs on either side of your waist. You might want someone to help hold her in place, until you’re used to doing it yourself. You should also keep a hand under her bottom to help support her.
  • Now, take the shoulder straps and put them over your shoulders, so that the Mai Tei sling is pulled up over your baby’s back. Like with the beginner’s carry, it would help to lift one side while holding your baby with one hand, then swap hands to lift the other side.
  • Make sure your baby is safely in the centre of your back then, taking the straps of the Mai Tei sling firmly, stand up. The sling will take the weight of your baby so it’s important to make sure that you’re ready for this and that you have a tight grip on the straps. Bounce your baby a couple of times to make sure that she’s properly secured and nestled into the sling.
  • To tie the sling, you have the same options as with the beginner’s method. You can cross them on your chest, or bring them straight under your arms, whatever feels most comfortable for you. When you have the straps behind you, tie them around your baby’s back or under her bottom. If the straps of your Mei Tai sling are long enough, you could always cross them in these places and then tie the knot in front of you.

As with any of the Mai Tei sling’s carrying positions, there is some freedom in how exactly you can tie it. This allows you to find something that’s perfectly comfortable for mother and baby.

As always, be sure to share any tips for newcomers to babywearing in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter, and remember to check out our next blog for a how-to on tying your Mei Tai sling in the Hip Carry position.

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Post By Marc