Today is the last of our guides on how to tie your Mei Tai sling, where we’ll be showing you the hip carry position. You can find our previous guides at the links below:

Part 1 – Front carry

Part 2 – Back carry (Beginner)

Part 3 – Back carry (Advanced)

The hip carry is suitable for babies and toddlers aged over 5 months, as long as they are able to sit up by themselves and have good strength in their neck. It’s a much more comfortable way to carry an older infant, but again you may want someone to help you out when practising for the first time.

  • Tie the bottom straps of your Mei Tai sling around your waist, letting the panel of the sling hang down from your chosen hip. Like before, have the panel design (decorative or black) that you want on show resting against your thigh.
  • Pick your baby up, and sit her on your hip. Bring the panel of the Mei Tai sling up against her back and then place the ‘front’ shoulder strap over your shoulder.
  • This is where you may need someone to help you, but then pull the ‘back’ shoulder strap of the Mei Tai sling across your lower back so that it goes sideways. Then carry on holding it as you transfer your baby’s weight to this hand. The result should be that the strap goes across your back and then around your front to underneath your baby’s bottom.
  • While keeping hold of that strap, take the first shoulder strap and bring it around to where you have hold of the second one. As with the other Mei Tai sling ties, hold both straps tightly while you bounce baby gently to get her properly settled into the sling.
  • Once there is no slack left in the shoulder straps of the Mei Tai sling, tie them underneath baby’s bottom tightly, and you’re all done!

Now that you know, and are comfortable with tying, all of the Mei Tai sling positions, you can experiment with what’s best for you and your baby in certain situations. For example, the front carry keeps her close and lets her see you, the back carry allows you to safely cook or work on other tasks, while the hip carry is a good combination of the two.

We always ask, but we would really love for you to share any tips and hints that you might have for using a Mei Tai sling or for babywearing in general. As babywearing becomes more popular in the UK, more and more parents will be looking for advice, so be sure to share your top tips with us in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter!

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Post By Marc