Our regular readers will know that a previous blog talked about the benefits of babywearing, using a Mei Tai or similar sling. Today, I thought I’d go into more detail about the physical reasons why you should ditch the pram and make the change to babywearing.

One of the biggest benefit to babywearing is the positive effect on your child’s physical wellbeing and development. While in a sling, your baby will experience constant movement, which aids digestion. This is also aided by the fact that your baby’s constant contact with you stimulates receptors in your child’s skin. This also helps develop muscle tone, promotes respiration and also increases circulation.

Babywearing also helps children learn to walk. This is because they’re kept upright, and therefore develop stronger shoulder and neck muscles as well as keeping the stepping reflex that they have from birth. In fact, you may find that your baby never crawls, instead learning to walk much quicker than babies that aren’t carried.

Finally, babywearing has physical benefits that last well into adulthood. Babies that are carried suffer less from vertigo as adults, and have increased physical agility. Not to mention that they may also benefit from a better sense of balance and more precise movement.

In a later blog, I will look in more detail at the benefits to your child’s mental health, but why not discuss this entry on our Facebook or Twitter pages? Whether you’re thinking of buying a baby sling and want some more advice, or you’re an experienced babywearer and would never give up your Mei Tai, let us know! We’d love to hear from all of you.

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Post By Marc