While one of the best things about Mei Tai slings is how easy they are to tie and to wear, you can be forgiven for not knowing quite what to do with it when it arrives. This in-depth, step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to tie your sling. Please bear in mind that with any sling, your baby’s safety is a priority so until you’re 100% confident with how to tie it, you may want to have someone help you by holding your baby or practice using a doll or large soft toy first.

These instructions are for carrying your baby on your front which is the easiest to start with. We will look at other ways to tie your sling in a later blog.

  1. Get your sling the right way up. The shoulder straps are the thicker, longer and padded straps. As the Mei Tai slings are reversible, choose whether you want the pattern facing out, or the plain black.
  2. Tie the shorter, bottom straps around your waist, with the panel hanging down to your knees and the side you want facing out resting against your legs. Make sure that this is tied very securely and that you re-tighten it if it loosens while you’re wearing the Mei Tai sling.
  3. Hold your baby (Or soft toy!) against your chest, facing you. Lift the panel up, against their back, and drape the shoulder straps over your shoulders. Make sure that your baby’s knees are bent and that their bottom is lower than their knees.
  4. This is the part where you may need someone to help you. You need to cross the straps of the Mei Tai sling behind your back, and then bring them around to your front. You may find it easier to hold your baby with one hand, bring one strap around, then hold your baby and the first strap with your other hand and bring the second strap around.
  5. Now, tie the straps in front of you. If your baby is quite small or young, the straps need to be tied across their back, as this will keep the sides of the Mei Tai sling closed and thus keep your baby more secure. If they are older, you can tie the straps under their bottom.

That’s all there is to it! It just takes a little bit of practice, and soon you’ll be tying a Mei Tai sling like a pro! Just be sure to keep the straps secure, tied tightly and that you check them while you’re wearing the sling.

In future blogs, we’ll be looking at how to tie the sling behind you, with techniques for beginners and then a more advanced technique. If you’re still undecided about babywearing, hopefully this has shown you just how easy it is to tie a Mei Tai sling!

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Post By Marc