Here at Daisy Baby we know how important and highly personal sling wearing can be for parents. Every individual will have their personal preferences when it comes to wearing a sling: which position and what style sling they like.

As you all know by now, we sell a huge range of Mei Tai Slings, Ring Slings and Wrap Slings – all of which have varying and multitudinous benefits and qualities.  It can be difficult to know which sling is best suited to your requirements without actually trying them on and using them for a while yourself, which is why we champion Sling Libraries for their lending schemes and meets.

Sling Libraries can be found all over world and in most local areas, and consist of parents meeting up and discussing the benefits of different baby slings and trying them on. Most Sling Libraries operate a lending scheme – much like a regular book library – allowing the parents to take slings home and use them for a while to see if they like them.

Daisy Baby wants to support Sling Libraries around the UK and is offering a FREE Mei Tai and FREE Ring Sling to add to their collection, PLUS a personalised voucher code to give to their parents to get 10% off our range of slings and breastfeeding covers on the website.  For every 10 orders that we receive from an area, we’ll reward your local Sling Library with another FREE sling.

If you are a member of your local Sling Library and think they might be interested, spread the word! For more information about our Sling Library Loyalty Scheme, feel free to get in touch via email at, or call us on 01935 473318.

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