The summer season is an exciting time for everyone and whilst it’s lovely to take your baby outside to enjoy the fresh air, it’s important to look after their delicate skin in the warm sun. Whether you’re going for a walk in the park, sitting in the garden or travelling on a car journey, your little one will need to be protected from both the sun’s rays and also the heat, to keep them comfortable. So to ensure you and your baby can enjoy the sunshine safely, here’s how to protect your baby from the summer sun.

Baby Hats

Although hats aren’t always a favourite with all children, protecting their head from the sun is essential at all times. Baby’s skin should be covered in cotton clothing as it soft on their delicate skin and helps to protect them from the elements. In our fantastic range, we’ve got baby hats and bandanas to suit your little one’s preference, whilst also being able to keep them protected and comfortable under the sun’s rays.

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Image: Baby Pink Hawaii Bandana

Baby Sunglasses

Designed with various styles and colours to keep your little one smiling, sunglasses should be worn from the age of six months in order to protect their eyes from the sun. Wraparound designs provide more protection coming from the sides and are comfortable for wearing all day. This wraparound style also prevents a baby from being able to take them off or losing them. Additionally, it is important to check that the sunglasses have an ultraviolet filter and you should keep the lenses clean.

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Image: Baby Banz Retro Sunglasses - Blue

Shade Cover For Pushchairs

Even if you’re only out in the sun for a short while, you should keep your little one covered from the heat and the sun’s rays with a shade cover. It can also help with providing peace and quiet so your child can enjoy a nap in the stroller or pushchair. Our effective shade covers for pushchairs help to block out harmful UVA rays and are easy to store away.


Image: Pack-It Sun & Sleep Shade Cover for Pushchairs and Strollers

Pop-Up Travel Bassinette

A summer essential for when you’re on the move with your family, a travel bassinette will provide instant protection for day trips, holidays and staying away overnight. Quick to assemble and easy to use, a bassinette includes a removable canopy, mosquito net and comfy mattress to lay on.

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Image: Koo-Di Pop-Up Travel Bassinette - Lemon & Lime

Car Window Sun Shade

It’s easy to forget that the sun can still be harmful even when you’re on a car journey. You can protect your baby from the summer sun by using a window shade so they can enjoy the ride without being blinded or getting too hot. The shades are easy to attach and remove as and when they are needed.

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Image: Koo-Di Car Window Blind Spotty Sun Shade

Good Quality Sunscreen

It goes without saying that all children require good quality sunscreen whether that’s a cream or spray which is specially formulated for young and delicate skin. They are safe to use from the age of six months and you should use at least SPF 15 against UVB rays, making sure to apply plenty.

Wherever you choose to take your baby this summer, ensure they are always protected and comfortable with our great range of baby products. Browse the complete collection of safety accessories and baby clothing here.

Post By Ruby Lovell