You may or may not be aware of flat head syndrome, it is quite common in young babies as their skulls are still relatively soft and can change shape if there's constant pressure on a particular part of their head. This can be prevented or at least the risk lessened with just a few simple changes and the use of a baby bean bag. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Flat Head Syndrome?

Flat head syndrome is the flattening of the skull, usually at the back or the side of the head.  It is a symptom that can develop if a baby spends a lot of time lying flat on their back or with their head turned one way.  It is quite common, especially as we are advised to lay our babies on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDs, and can affect 1 in every 5 babies.  It is not usually anything to be too concerned about, it shouldn’t have any effect on the brain and the head shape will often resolve itself with time.  It does not cause any pain and will not obstruct your baby’s development.

How To Minimise The Risk & Prevent Flat Head Syndrome

As your baby grows stronger, their skull and neck muscles develop, they start lifting their head, rolling over and then crawling, their head shape will improve naturally.

You can help to reduce the pressure on your baby’s head with a few simple changes:

  • Tummy-time is a great option during daytime waking periods.  It encourages head lifting to build strong neck muscles and will reduce the amount of time spent on their back.

  • New positions can be useful too.  You can switch between a sloped baby chair, a flat surface and even a sling or baby carrier.  This reduces any constant pressure on any single part of their head.

  • Move any toys and mobiles attached to the cot to a different position.  This encourages them to turn their head and look a different way on to the non-flattened side.

  • You should also try to alternate which side you hold your baby when you feed or carry them.  Reduce the time they spend laying flat on their back in car seats and prams during the daytime and where possible try babywearing if it’s practical and safe to do so. 

The Advantages Of Baby Bean Bags

Baby bean bags are filled with soft beans that mould to your baby’s body and head, reducing the pressure on the skull and eradicating the risk of flat head syndrome. Unlike a car seat, your baby has plenty of room to move their legs and arms which also lessens the chance of spinal problems.

Baby bean bags have also been found to be useful for alleviating the symptoms of colic and reflux in babies due to the angle and elevation of your baby when positioned.

Our bean bags come with two interchangeable covers, one of which has a secure strap to keep your baby safe on the bean bag. This means that you have the benefit of a car seat’s security but with none of the health problems. It also means that as your child gets older, they can continue to use the bean bag without the strap. Baby bean bags are also really portable, making them perfect for visits to friends and family or anywhere you may usually keep your baby in their car seat. They provide a comfortable and secure place for your baby to sit and are sure to become a must have baby item for any parent.

We have a fantastic range of baby bean bags available in a great choice of colours and designs.  They come pre-filled for your convenience and can be easily emptied for machine washing.


Post By Kelly Trethewey