As mentioned in a previous blog, the best way to prevent flat head syndrome is to keep your baby in a car seat or lying flat on their back for as little time as possible. Many people recommend to simply let your baby crawl about on the floor under supervision, and of course slings are also highly recommended. This also helps their spine, legs and knees to develop properly as your baby can move around freely.

Of course, I understand that sometimes it’s not always possible to do this. For example, while cooking it may not be particularly safe to wear a sling, and at relative’s or friend’s houses you may not want to let your baby roam around on the floor.

This is where baby bean bags are a fantastic option. The soft beans mould to your baby’s head, meaning that there’s no pressure on the skull and eradicating the risk of flat head syndrome. Unlike a car seat, your baby has plenty of room to move their legs and arms which lessens the chance of spinal problems.

Our bean bags come with two interchangeable covers, one of which has a secure strap to keep your baby on the bean bag. This means that you have the benefit of a car seat’s security but with none of the health problems. It also means that as your child gets older, they can continue to use the bean bag without strap. They’re also really very easy to move around, making them perfect for anywhere you could usually keep your baby in their car seat.

Available in a wide range of colours and styles, our baby bean bags are a must-have item for any parent.

Post By Marc