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What Is Flat Head Syndrome & How Can Baby Bean Bags Help?

You may or may not be aware of flat head syndrome, it is quite common in young babies as their skulls are still relatively soft and can change shape if there's constant pressure on a particular part of their head. This can be prevented or at least the risk

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A Guide to Buying a Child Car Seat

Children are required to use a car seat until the age of 12 or until they are over 135cm tall, and with a minefield of different types of seats, and different safety terminology, it can be difficult to know which seat is right for you. To help, we’ve put

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Preparing Your Dog for a New Baby

So you’re pregnant, chances are your dog already knows something’s up, maybe not what, but something. It is important to prepare your dog for daily life with your new bundle of joy as this can be a stressful change, so it should be made as easy as possible.

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How To Protect Your Baby From The Summer Sun

The summer season is an exciting time for everyone and whilst it’s lovely to take your baby outside to enjoy the fresh air, it’s important to look after their delicate skin in the warm sun. Whether you’re going for a walk in the park, sitting in the

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5 Things A Cotbed Mattress Should Be

If you buy a cot, you need a cot mattress. Sounds simple enough, but, as with all babycare products, it really isn't. Granting your little one a sound and safe sleep depends on how much care you take into picking the item their little head will be resting

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