Just short of a month ago, we posted on the Daisy Baby blog a frank guide to an often embarrassing question: how do I know if my baby's poo is the right colour and/or texture? No different to how doctor's treat adults, using our baby poo colour guide is the easiest way to determine the health of your baby, and by taking a no nonsense approach to this odorous topic you'll know when everything's A-OK and when it's time to see the paediatrician for advice.

To further help you make the distinction between what's normal and what's worrisome, we've taken our Baby Poo Colour Guide and turned it into a brightly shaded infographic! Like a dulux chart of doo-doo, we've laid out all the classic colours with little annotations that specify what foods create the colour, how long it typically lasts and which ones might be cause for concern.

Remember that a baby's poo can vary depending on your feeding method, and in general most doctors ask that you track your baby’s bowel movements for the first few months to make sure they are healthy. Poop can convey a lot about what’s going on inside your baby, therefore it is recommended that you regularly observe, and perhaps note down the colour changes in a diary (we'll leave it to you to name this journal...)



We would love it if you could share our Baby Poo Colour Guide with any and all mothers you know. It may just end up being the most helpful thing for a Mum just a little concerned that something doesn't look quite right...

These infographics are also something we'd love to do a lot more of in the future. Therefore, we'd love to hear any ideas you might have for future guides or pieces of advice. You can even submit one yourself to sales@daisybabyshop.co.uk, or send it via our Facebook Page, Twitter and/or Google+.

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Graham Ashton