Teething is one messy eventuality for all babies and their parents.

It doesn't, however, need to be unstoppably painful. As we outlined in our blog post on the process a little while back, some babies show more symptoms than others, and rarely, some little ones actually come out the womb already with some milk teeth!

The mountains teething can put in front of you are high and arduous. These can include reddened & swollen gums, irritability, excessive dribbling and chin rashes. It can be a struggle to feed your baby, as sucking actually causes blood to rush to the already sore gums.

To help relieve teething pain, the greatest makers in baby solutions have proposed the most innovative of ideas. We've listed 5 below; some of which are useful in avoiding mess, and others can actually provide added benefits.

Teething Toys

MAM Baby Teether Friend

This is a traditional method that's been employed in England since the 17th century. Whilst the earliest toys for children to sooth their gums on were made of coral, ivory or bone (often with intended "magic" effect), today's equivalents are made with incredibly soft and soothing food grade silicone. There are many different styles, shapes and sizes available today. Some you can even put in teh fridge to cool them to help sooth the gums even more, though you MUST NOT put them in a freezer, as this may damage the gums if the teether is very hard or cold.


Gumigem Bubba Teething Bangle - Pixie

Koo-Di Baby Choos Teething Necklace Grey Pebbles

If you're worried about buying a teething toy only for your baby to lose it, well It's a pretty hard thing to do when it's worn around your neck or wrist! Koo-Di show their inventiveness with an expanding list of worn jewellery made of the same supple and safe silicone as their regular range of toys. These teething trinkets allow Mum to keep both hands free and retain peace of mind from watching her little one as it distracts itself from the discomfort and pain of its growing teeth.

Dribble Bibs

Cowboy Star Skibz Bandana Dribble Bib

Bibs, as we're sure you're aware, are vital when your baby is teething. Most children dribble a lot, and this causes rashes around an unprotected chin or neck. Skibz bandana bibs rank highly among the best available. The 100% cotton material is highly absorbent, easy to adjust & fit and come in a variety of stylish patterns. Bibs cut down hugely on mess, and along with regularly wiping their chin and face can save your baby a great deal of irritation. You may also find it helpful to give your baby an absorbent sheet to sleep on at night.

Raw Fruit & Veg and Cool Drinks

Clevamama Safe Solid Food Baby ClevaFeeder

Doidy Cup - Sparkle Purple

The most prominent sign of a baby teething is they start to chew all sorts of things; their fingers, play-toys...just about anything they can get their hands on! As an alternative to teething objects, particularly when the teeth are really coming in, are healthy food items like raw fruit and vegetables. Pieces of apple, carrot, banana are all good and like teething toys, they're super effective when refrigerated (but again, not frozen). Using a mesh feeder, like the Clevamama ClevaFeeder, which features a silicone teat and travel cover makes it easy to feed if your child isn't quite on solid food yet. Likewise, sugar-free cold drinks, preferably water, will help if they are dribbling like mad - just ensure that it's not too cold and, for both food and drink, always supervise your child.


Cuski Original Baby Comforter - Gerry Berry

A final alternative to most pacifiers and soothers, fabric comforters offer the same soothing qualities, but with added benefit. Cuski's new range of comforters are designed specifically to capture scents from mum; simply keep it close to you skin (either tucked down your top during feeding times or when sleeping), and the unique scents and aromas that your baby recognises will make it easy for them to calm themselves to sleep.

There are many other methods for appeasing babies with gums that are giving them all sorts of trouble, such as cold flannels to suck on, sugar-free teething gels and even painkilling medicine for the extreme cases. What way has worked best for you and your child? Share your advice with us here in the comments, or on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. We hope it's not too long till your child is past this painful period, and can show you their brand new smile for the first time!

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