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Daisy Baby's Travel Checklist

Tuesday 13th December 2016

Travelling with a young child can be a daunting prospect, especially if it’s the first time you’ve planned to travel. Remembering to pack everything for a journey can be quite stressful and it’s difficult to ever feel totally prepared. That’s why Daisy Baby are here to help, we’ve devised a list of essentials that will make your...

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Top 5 Baby Christmas Gift Ideas

Tuesday 15th November 2016

Christmas is such a special time to share with your young child, they love everything about it, from their sheer excitement at the wrapping paper, to...

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How To Exercise Safely During Pregnancy

Monday 31st October 2016

Exercise is an important aspect to a healthy lifestyle, and even though your typical exercise regime will have to be altered slightly during your...

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A Guide to Buying a Child Car Seat

Monday 24th October 2016

Children are required to use a car seat until the age of 12 or until they are over 135cm tall, and with a minefield of different types of seats,...

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Preparing Your Dog for a New Baby

Monday 26th September 2016

So you’re pregnant, chances are your dog already knows something’s up, maybe not what, but something. It is important to prepare your dog for...

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